Enter Your Information


What does this web page do?

This web page is provided to help you verify your data on file with ISGH as easily as possible. The web page will attempt to find and display your ISGH membership record so that you can verify that the information is correct. Your membership information must be correct before you will be allowed to vote for Zone/Center-specific positions in the 2018 ISGH elections.

How do I use this web page?

To use this web page, enter your first name, last name and the numeric portion of your address and click Verify. If your information is found, your address on file as well as your Zone and IC affiliations will be displayed. Then you must read the information and determine what to do next:

  • If the information shown is correct then you don’t have to do anything further.
  • If the information shown is NOT correct, then YOU MUST contact ISGH (contact information is listed below) and assist them in making the necessary corrections. Otherwise you will have to cast your ballot as per the affiliations on record.
  • If your information CANNOT be located, then you MUST contact ISGH and resolve why your membership is missing.

Please verify every voting member's information. Do not assume that if one person at an address is listed correctly that all people at that address are also listed correctly.

How do I contact ISGH to resolve issues?

For any problems, please contact ISGH by email or phone.

713-524-6615, ext 108